WyoRino Voting Index

WyoRINO.com is an index that is based on the Platform and the Resolutions of the Wyoming Republican Party, which are passed in convention every two years by thousands of elected grass roots Republicans.  This valuable tool scores Wyoming legislators based on their adherence to the timeless Republican values which will always inform and direct our party and country, regardless of current events.  These lofty principles include, but are not limited to, adherence to U.S. Constitution, the defense of life, liberty and property, limited government, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, fiscal responsibility and a free market economy.

If your Wyoming state senator or representative runs on the Republican Party ticket, it is correct and logical to assume that once elected, your legislator will actually vote like a Republican.  Far too often, however, that is not the case.  This is why WyoRINO.com was established – to expose the liberal Wyoming Republicans who hold office.

The percentages which are indicated on the Voting Index reflect the cumulative scores based on ten key votes during the 2019 Wyoming Legislative session.  These particular bills were chosen by Ride for the Brand, Wyoming due to their easily identifiable traits in relation to Republican values. To examine the bills which were rated and their explanation, click on the House and Senate Scorecards tab.

We encourage readers to examine how their own state legislators voted on each of the ten key measures. Ride for the Brand, Wyoming believes that a score below 70% indicates a RINO legislator. In the world of education, anything below 70% is considered a failing grade, and we agree.

We also encourage readers and voters to commend their legislators for their constitutional votes and urge improvement where needed.