RINO of the Month November 2021

Sen. Drew Perkins

We still have many RINOs in the Wyoming Legislature that have not been singled out as WyoRINO of the month but we will continue tackling this lengthy list!

November’s lucky recipient is Senator Drew Perkins (SD29 – Natrona).  With his egregious vote in October against holding a special session intended to fight against a proposed federal vaccine mandate, Sen. Perkins not only failed to uphold the Wyoming Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 38. Right of health care access, but he violated Wyoming Republican Party Resolution Health and Society, #22.

Article 1, Section 38 (a) states “Each competent adult shall have the right to make his or her own health care decisions.” and (d) “The state of Wyoming shall act to preserve these rights from undue governmental infringement.”

WRP Resolution Health and Society #22 states “No person may be discriminated against for refusal to accept an unwanted medical intervention, including immunization.”

It is quite clear why Senator Drew Perkins received a WyoRINO score of adhering to Republican party principles only 20% of the time during the 2021 legislative session.  And it is quite clear he is continuing his anti-Republican behavior.

You can contact Sen. Perkins at (307) 439-9356 or drew.perkins@wyoleg.gov.

As an interesting side note:

The data in the campaign contributions table below was obtained from FollowTheMoney.org.  Each category heading has a direct link to their page at FollowTheMoney embedded in the organization’s name.  Every dollar amount is followed by the year in parenthesis the campaign contribution was made.  Example:  $250 (2020).

WY Legislator PFIZER WY 
Perkins, Drew Senator
$450 (2018)
$250 (2014)
$500 (2006)
$250 (2018)
$100 (2010)
$500 (2006)