Previous Years Scorecards

Below is a list of previous Voting Scorecards (aka: Vote Indexes). Sorted by the newest to oldest. Early Scorecards were labeled as Indexes, and their layout are slightly different than our current ones. However, the data within the tables are structured the same. In 2021 Senate and House Scorecards and their descriptions were consolidated for ease of reading.



2024 Senate and House Scorecard

2024 Index Summary


2023 Senate and House Scorecard

2023 Index Summary


2022 Senate and House Scorecard

2022 Voting Index Summary


2021 Senate and House Scorecard

2021 Voting Index Summary


2020 Senate Vote Index

2020 Senate Bill Descriptions

2020 House Vote Index

2020 House Bill Descriptions

2020 Voting Index Summary


2019 Senate Vote Index

2019 Senate Bill Descriptions

2019 House Vote Index

2019 House Bill Descriptions

2019 Voting Index Summary