2020 Edition of WyoRINO

Welcome to our 2020 edition of WyoRINO! Your response to our transparency project has been overwhelming and confirms what we suspected – that you believe your Republican legislator should actually vote like a Republican!

Wyoming citizens believe that honesty in our elected officials is paramount but as you will see from the 2020 Voting Index, many of Wyoming’s legislators are disingenuous at best, running as Republicans while voting like Democrats.

This year’s legislative budget session focused on numerous harmful spending bills and required a 2/3 vote to introduce non-budgetary bills. Yes, it was a huge challenge to narrow our focus down to 10 bills out of approximately 400.

However, we have found that even if we listed and graded 100 bills, the results would virtually reflect the same outcome – a RINO is still a RINO.

One objection that we have encountered to WyoRINO has been its feature of anonymity. There is no question that RINOS do not like to be exposed and prefer to deflect the attention away from their voting record.

We have but one response to those legislators: OWN YOUR VOTE

Political anonymity has been a tool used throughout our nation’s history, indeed by many of America’s Founding Fathers. Our intent is to deliver a message which encourages our readers to do their due diligence, read the bills, and then decide on their own whether their Wyoming legislator is truly a Republican or a Republican in Name Only!