2020 WyoRINO.com Big Game Trophy Winners

August 2020 out to be an amazing season for RINO hunting, with several notable successes in Wyoming’s primary election!

The First Place WyoRINO Big Game Trophy goes to WY Senate Republican candidate Troy McKeown who knocked out current state Senator and WyoRINO Michael Von Flatern of SD 24 Campbell county. Candidate McKeown won the Republican primary by one of the largest margins in Wyoming history. We guess this is what happens when you are a REALLY BIG RINO.

The Second Place WyoRINO Big Game Trophy goes to WY House Republican candidate Chip Neiman who defeated current state Representative and WyoRINO Tyler Lindholm, HD 1 Crook county. Not only was Rep. Lindholm defeated in the primary for his House seat, he was also defeated in the primary as a member of his Republican county central committee.

The Third Place WyoRINO Big Game Trophy goes to WY House Republican candidate Scott Heiner who defeated WyoRINO Rep. Tom Crank, HD 18 Lincoln county in the primary. As a prime, grade A RINO, Rep. Crank’s legislative loss is a BIG WIN for Republican values.

The Fourth Place WyoRINO Big Game Trophy goes to WY Senate Republican candidate Tim French who slam-dunked WyoRINO Rep. Dave Northrup, SD 18 Park county. Although Rep. Northrup is finishing up his term in HD 50 Park county, he attempted to switch over to the senate in the primary but Republican voters stopped him in his tracks.

The Fifth Place WyoRINO Big Game Trophy goes to WY House Republican candidate Jeremy Haroldson who knocked off WyoRINO Rep. Dan Kirkbride, HD 4 Platte county. With Rep. Kirkbride’s exit comes the opportunity for more true Republican representation in Wyoming’s legislature.

And last but not least, the Sixth Place WyoRINO Big Game Trophy goes to WY House Republican candidate Bill Fortner who soundly defeated WyoRINO Rep. Bill Pownall, HD 52 Campbell county. Rep. Pownall’s defeat was celebrated by authentic Republicans throughout Wyoming.

August 18th’s primary election results were a confirmation of what WyoRINO.com has believed all along – that Republican voters expect their Republican legislator to actually legislate like a Republican. WyoRINO.com will continue to expose RINO voting records and hold all Republicans legislators accountable.

What is a RINO? A Republican in Name Only

Have you as a loyal Republican, gone to the polls year after year, voting for candidates with an “R” beside their name, trusting they would legislate and vote like a Republican but only to be disappointed?

Don’t feel bad – so have we.

The time is long overdue to hold politicians accountable for big government, big regulation, big taxation laws – values that the Republican party does NOT support.

This is the primary reason WyoRINO.com was created – to expose liberal Wyoming Republicans who violate our Wyoming Republican values.

RED = RINO      WyoRINO Summary 2020

Sen. Larry Hicks – 60%
Sen. Glenn Moniz – 50%
Rep. Dan Furphy – 20%
Rep. Bill Haley – 30%

Big Horn
Sen. R.J. Kost – 10%
Rep. Jamie Flitner – 60%
Rep. Mike Greear – 22%

Sen. Ogden Driskill – 50%
Sen. M. Von Flatern – 0%
Sen. J. Wasserburger – 10%
Rep. Eric Barlow – 20%
Rep. Scott Clem – 86%
Rep. Roy Edwards – 100%
Rep. Tim Hallinan – 60%
Rep. Bill Pownall – 40%

Sen. Larry Hicks – 60%
Rep. Don Burkhart – 40%
Rep. Jerry Paxton – 20%

Sen. Brian Boner – 40%
Rep. Aaron Clausen – 30%

Sen. Ogden Driskill – 50%
Rep. Tyler Lindholm – 50%

Sen. Eli Bebout – 60%
Sen. Cale Case – 44%
Rep. Lloyd Larsen – 20%
Rep. David Miller – 70%
Rep. Tim Salazar – 90%

Sen. Cheri Steinmetz – 80%
Rep. Shelly Duncan – 40%

Hot Springs
Sen. Wyatt Agar – 71%
Rep. John Winter – 80%

Sen. Dave Kinskey – 56%
Rep. Richard Tass – 70%

Sen. A. Bouchard – 100%
Sen. Affie Ellis – 40%
Sen. Lynn Hutchings – 100%
Sen. Glenn Moniz – 50%
Sen. Tara Nethercott – 60%
Sen. Stephan Pappas – 22%
Rep. Jim Blackburn – 50%
Rep. Landon Brown – 10%
Rep. John Eklund – 20%
Rep. Bill Henderson – 11%
Rep. Bob Nicholas – 0%
Rep. Jared Olsen – 40%
Rep. Clarence Styvar – 100%
Rep. Sue Wilson – 50%
Rep. Dan Zwonitzer – 0%

Sen. Fred Baldwin – 0%
Sen. Dan Dockstader – 70%
Rep. Tom Crank – 0%
Rep. Evan Simpson – 50%

Sen. James Anderson – 10%
Sen. Bill Landen – 11%
Sen. Drew Perkins – 30%
Sen. Charles Scott – 30%
Rep. Chuck Gray – 100%
Rep. Steve Harshman – 30%
Rep. Bunky Loucks – 40%
Rep. Joe MacGuire – 30%
Rep. J. Obermueller – 20%
Rep. Patrick Sweeney – 0%
Rep. Tom Walters – 30%
Rep. Art Washut –90%

Sen. Cheri Steinmetz – 80%
Rep. Hans Hunt – 50%

Sen. Wyatt Agar – 71%
Sen. Hank Coe – 30%
Sen. R.J. Kost – 10%
Rep. Dan Laursen – 90%
Rep. Sandy Newsome – 20%
Rep. David Northrup – 30%

Sen. Brian Boner – 40%
Sen. Cheri Steinmetz – 80%
Rep. Shelly Duncan – 40%
Rep. Dan Kirkbride – 20%

Sen. Bo Biteman – 100%
Sen. Dave Kinskey – 56%
Rep. Mark Jennings – 90%
Rep. Mark Kinner – 20%
Rep. Richard Tass – 70%
Rep. Cyrus Western – 80%

Sen. Dan Dockstader – 70%
Rep. Albert Sommers – 30%

Sen. Larry Hicks – 60%
Sen. Tom James – 100%
Rep. Tom Crank – 0%
Rep. Clark Stith – 44%

Sen. Dan Dockstader – 70%

Sen. Wendy Schuler – 20%
Rep. Danny Eyre – 40%
Rep. G. Piiparinen – 80%

Sen. Wyatt Agar – 71%
Rep. Michael Greear – 22%

Sen. Ogden Driskill – 50%
Rep. Hans Hunt – 50%

*RED highlight indicates a RINO (score below 70%)

*N/A means not assigned; if a legislator cast 5 or fewer votes in this index, a score is not assigned

WyoRINO Summary 2020 Page

WyoRINO.com is an index that is based on the Platform and the Resolutions of the Wyoming Republican Party, which are passed in convention every two years by thousands of elected grass roots Republicans.  This valuable tool scores Wyoming legislators based on their adherence to the timeless Republican values which will always inform and direct our party and country, regardless of current events.  These lofty principles include but are not limited to, adherence to U.S. Constitution, the defense of life, liberty and property, limited government, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, fiscal responsibility and a free market economy.

If your Wyoming state senator or representative ran on the Republican Party ticket, it is correct and logical to assume that once elected, your legislator will actually vote like a Republican.  Far too often, however, that is not the case.  This is why WyoRINO.com was established – to expose liberal Wyoming Republicans who hold office.

The percentages which are indicated on the Voting Index reflect the cumulative scores based on ten key votes during each Wyoming Legislative session.  These particular bills were chosen by Ride for the Brand, Wyoming due to their easily identifiable traits in relation to Republican values. To examine the bills which were rated and their explanation, click on the WyoRINO Voting Index tab.

We encourage readers to examine how their own state legislators voted on each of the ten key measures. Ride for the Brand, Wyoming believes that a score below 70% indicates a RINO legislator. In the world of education, anything below 70% is considered a failing grade and we agree.

We also encourage readers and voters to commend their legislators for their constitutional votes and urge improvement where needed.