RINO of the Month April 2021

Rep. Landon Brown

When reviewing Rep. Landon Brown’s (R-Laramie) voting records, one wonders how anyone could have such audacity to vote so much in favor of Democrat policies and yet run on the Republican ticket.  But this is exactly what Rep. Brown’s behavior has been during his time at Wyoming’s State Capitol.  Most likely his constituents don’t have a clue.

With a WyoRINO score of 10%, it is very difficult to hone in on just a few bills.  Brown’s consistent voting record of supporting Medicaid Expansion (House Joint Resolution 7 and House Bill 75) shows his lack of fiscal wisdom for Wyoming’s challenged budget.  The data is widely known of the damage Medicaid Expansion has done to other states’ budgets throughout the nation.  Wyoming conservatives realize this but sadly, Rep. Brown has not.

The issue of border security is at an all-time high for America right now.  Democrat President Biden’s drastically different approach to dealing with immigration policy is in stark contrast to former President Trump’s policy.   Aligning himself with the Democrat party, Rep. Brown failed to vote to strengthen our national security by prohibiting sanctuary cities (HB 108).  This similarity to Democrat President Biden is of great concern not only to Republicans but to most Americans in general.

It would be music to our ears if Rep. Landon Brown decided to run on the Democrat ticket next time or to just not run at all.  If you agree, feel free to contact him at (307) 630-0582 or landon.brown@wyoleg.gov.