RINO of the Month April 2023

Rep. Tom Walters

WyoRINO is proud to award April’s RINO of the Month award to Representative Tom Walters (HD 38, Natrona). Representative Walters earned an impressive 0% score on this year’s WyoRINO Legislative Scorecard- a true feat. Aside from voting against fiscal responsibility at every opportunity, refusing to protect the medical freedom of his constituents, and riding with Democrats over 80% of the time, Representative Walters put his aversion to transparency on full display this session.

While chairing the Committee of the Whole, Representative Walters attempted to hide the results of a committee vote from the House of Representatives. When pressed to reveal the committee’s vote, Representative Walters became frustrated- as it turned out, the Committee ruled against him. To RINOs, transparency is an inconvenient aspect of governing.

Here is the link to the video where Tom Walters deliberately attempts to evade the issue.

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