RINO of the Month April 2024

Sen. Wendy Schuler

When the Legislature finally gavels out and all the RINOs travel back home, they like to practice one last ritual before hiding from their constituents for the season: publishing a post-legislative session column.

Of the many whiny, angry columns published over the past month, Senator Wendy Schuler’s diatribe, combined with her abysmal voting record, has earned her April’s RINO of the Month Award!

Congratulations, Senator Schuler.

Schuler voted against repealing gun free zones, for public funding of “DEI” wokeism at the University of Wyoming, and even introduced a bill that would allow the State to exert more control over Wyoming kids by lowering the age of compulsory school attendance.

Schuler also voted for the biggest budget ever- and called her fellow Senators “mean” and “divisive” for trying to trim the fat.

Just like a Democrat, Schuler pouts in the corner and demonstrates an inability to tolerate dissent from the standard position of big spending, nanny state governance.

You can reach out to Senator Schuler here: Cell – (307) 679-6774, Wendy.Schuler@wyoleg.gov

Term ends 2027, Years in position: 5

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