RINO of the Month August 2020

Rep. Tom Crank

If there is one thing that August WyoRINO of the Month does and does well, it is his consistency of casting anti-Republican votes. With a ZERO score, Representative Tom Crank (HD18-Lincoln county) can be counted on the following:

– Failing to defend the lives of unborn children. Rep. Crank voted to deny defenseless unborn babies in Wyoming the opportunity for life, SF 97 (2020) and HB 140 (2019).

– Failing to allow Wyoming localities to enact prohibition of sanctuary city laws, HB 108 (2020) and HB 151 (2019).

– Failing to defend the fiscal well-being of Wyoming by voting in favor to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, HB 75 (2020) and HB 244 (2019)

Those are just a few of Rep. Crank’s terrible votes but you can find more of them in abundance on the WyoRINO House Vote Index and House Vote Description.

If you think it is disingenuous to run as a Republican but vote like a Democrat, you can contact Rep. Tom Crank at (307) 727-6810 or email him at thomas.crank@wyoleg.gov. Lincoln county deserves better!