RINO of the Month December 2022

Rep. Clark Stith

WyoRINO is proud to wrap up 2022 by presenting Representative Clark Stith (HD 48 – Sweetwater) with the honor of December RINO of the Month award, upholding Wyoming Republican values only 10% of the time.  Even though it truly is puzzling to us how an attorney can legislate so negligibly, it seems to be a fairly common practice among Wyoming legislators who are in that profession.

It is disappointing to view Stith’s awful voting record on money bills (HB 40, HB 63, HB 93, HB 96 and HB 114) but it is a slap in the face to see his voting record on medical health freedom legislation (see HB 32 Vaccine Requirement Limitations and HB 118 Prohibiting Mask Discrimination).

Add onto that Stith’s voting history of growing state government, picking the pockets of Wyoming taxpayers (HB 31, HB35, HB 42, HB 48), you would wonder if his following is primarily Democrats who cross over to the Republican party during Wyoming’s primary elections. Or is Sweetwater county simply full of liberal voters who register as Republicans from the git-go?

Rep. Clark Stith should come clean and run on the Democrat ticket – and Sweetwater county Republican constituents should step up to the plate and hold him accountable.  You can contact Stith at (307) 389-7735 or clark.stith@wyoleg.gov.

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