RINO of the Month February 2021

Rep Bob Nicholas

As chairman of the House Appropriations committee, will Representative Bob Nicholas (HD8-Laramie county) exhibit fiscal restraint with Wyoming taxpayers’ hard-earned resources? Don’t count on it.

Just like his track record of embracing all form of big government spending for ten years in the House, Rep. Nicholas is also well-known for his failure to uphold an issue that is very dear to Wyoming Republicans – that of strengthening laws which defend the lives of unborn children.

In 2019, Rep. Nicholas’ votes on numerous abortion related bills (HB 140 and HB 103) reflected his pro-abortion views. And to be consistent, in 2020 he voted against HB197 48 Hour Abortion Waiting Period.

Defending the defenseless, unborn children in their mother’s womb, is one of the most important issues of Wyoming Republicans. Rep. Nicholas has demonstrated with his anti-life voting record and long track record of anti-Republican voting that he is, without question, a RINO.

If you think that Rep. Bob Nicholas should get honest and run on a political party ticket which accurately reflects his voting record, you can reach him at (307) 634-2994 or bob.nicholas@wyoleg.gov.