RINO of the Month February 2022

Rep. Joe MacGuire

Representative Joe MacGuire of House District 35 (R-Natrona)

One of the most contentious issues being debated right now is redistricting. Those who have been following this heated topic are reporting that Wyoming RINOs are making efforts to expand their own districts and minimize the districts of real Republican legislators.

At front and center of these self-interested efforts are Rep. Joe MacGuire (HD 35, R-Natrona) who sits on the House Corporations committee. As a true RINO deluxe (30% rating of adhering to Republican principles), it certainly behooves MacGuire to help his fellow RINOs expand the districts they represent.

Not only has Rep. MacGuire been an advocate for expanded unlimited government, but he has never hesitated to be on the spending wagon. In the year 2020, he voted in favor of numerous increased taxation bills (HB 47, HB 62, HB 73, SF 119, HB 134, HB 200, HB 227). And in the year 2021, MacGuire held fast to higher taxes (HB 49, HB 133, HB 148, HB 179, SF 4) and expanded government (HB 162, HB 170).

We anticipate that 2022 will prove to be another year for Rep. Joe MacGuire to continue his behavior of failing to uphold timeless Republican values – values his constituency expected for him to uphold.

Wyoming truly needs leadership to stand against the big government, leftist radical agenda disguised by RINOs that has filled our state capitol in Cheyenne. The time is long overdue for Rep. Joe MacGuire to begin supporting the grassroots Republicans in our state.

It is now or never. Please call or text Rep. Joe MacGuire at (307) 333-3653 or email him at joe.macguire@wyoleg.gov.