RINO of the Month February 2023

Rep. Cyrus Western

WyoRINO is proud to announce February’s RINO of the month. This time, the award goes to Representative Cyrus Western (HD 51, Sheridan). No politician better exemplifies Wyoming’s RINO problem than the House Majority Whip himself.

Representative Western tells his constituents in Sheridan County that he is a conservative. Why did he vote to increase Wyoming worker’s compensation benefits to a “competitive” yet suspiciously unspecified amount on HB0153? Why also does Western vote every chance he gets to increase education spending despite the fact Wyoming school enrollment numbers are plummeting every year?

The answer to Representative Western’s poor voting record becomes more clear after reading a Sheridan County Sheriffs report detailing allegations that Western violated Wyoming campaign finance law in order to send mailers attacking private citizens for daring to support a true conservative in August’s primary. You can listen more about these allegations on Cowboy State Politics here —> Podcast: “Breaking – Report Implicates Western and Novotny 1/29” (approximately 16 minutes)

While Representative Western is certainly innocent until proven guilty, these allegations, together with his record of voting with Democrats 60% of the time, provide an answer to the questions mentioned above: Western is a RINO.

Representative Western can be contacted at cyrus.western@wyoleg.gov or give him a jingle at (307) 202-9497.

Notes: Weston/Novotny Sheriff Report and Cyrus Weston’s Campaign Expenditures .

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