RINO of the Month February 2024

Rep. Tom Walters

The Legislature convenes this month to debate the state’s budget for the next biennium. Don’t let the headlines and savvy editorials fool you- this year’s budget grows state government by hundreds of millions of dollars and is anything but “conservative.”

While preparing the budget last month, Representative Tom Walters (HD 38, Natrona) casually proposed tossing in $700K for a float in the Rose Bowl Parade. Of course, the Appropriations Committee is chock-full of highly decorated RINOs, and this extravagant and unnecessary expenditure was added to the budget.

This move, along with his other hundreds of votes to spend more of your tax dollars while creating the state budget, has earned Representative Walters the honor of being crowned February’s RINO of the Month.

Be sure to tune in to the Legislative Session this month to see more RINOs in action by visiting wyoleg.gov or the Wyoming Legislature on YouTube.

Term Ends 2025

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