RINO of the Month January 2022

Rep. Jerry Obermueller

WyoRINO is starting out the New Year 2022 with one of Wyoming’s WORST legislators, which means he has been and continues to vote in opposition to Wyoming Republican values. The recipient of this honor goes to Rep. Jerry Obermueller (HD 56 – Natrona), a retired certified public accountant.

We are perplexed. Any accountant should understand that spending within one’s means is sound financial practice, but Rep. Obermueller cannot seem to implement or apply that same principle to our state’s finances. Not only has he continued his push for a new corporate income tax (rebranded every year with a new name), but he continues to push Wyoming toward a fiscal cliff with his support of Medicaid expansion (HB 162).

In addition, Rep. Obermueller has voted in favor of increased spending with his votes on HB 49 Agency Fee Revisions, HB 148 Fees Paid to Secretary of State, and SF 4 Airport Districts – all opposing the principle of limited government size and spending.

His WyoRINO score of 20% is ample evidence of his failure to uphold Republican values during the 2021 legislative term. WyoRINO encourages you to contact Rep. Jerry Obermueller at (307) 262-7297 or jerry.obermueller@wyoleg.gov to voice your concerns.