RINO of the Month January 2121

Rep Eric Barlow

If last year’s voting record of Wyoming Representative Eric Barlow is any indication of how our 2021 legislative session will trend, Wyoming is in for some big trouble (as if things weren’t precarious already).

At a WyoRINO score of 20%, Campbell county Rep. Barlow’s (HD3) performance of adhering to Wyoming Republican platforms and principles was in short supply for the 2020 session. As a matter of fact, Rep. Barlow’s performance in 2019 was more of the same tax-loving, big spending behavior.

Even though the 2021 legislative session has been postponed until Spring, we can count on even worse results due to Rep. Barlow’s new position – Wyoming Speaker of the House. Need we say more?

If you would like to say more, Rep. Eric Barlow can be reached at (307) 682-9639 or eric.barlow@wyoleg.gov.