RINO of the Month June 2021

Rep. Ember Oakley

It has only been a few months since the 66th Wyoming Legislature wrapped up and with it, plenty of evidence to prove that Wyoming continues to elect phony Republicans. Take newbie Rep. Ember Oakley (HD 55, Fremont) for instance. Rep. Oakley truly deserves to receive the June WyoRINO of the month award as she campaigned on “keeping the fruits of our labor” as reflected on her campaign website.

Unfortunately, Rep. Oakley’s voting record reflected her focus on increasing revenue rather than spending reductions. She justifiably received a score of 20% on the WyoRINO House Scorecard 2021 as she had numerous opportunities to vote in favor of fiscal restraint – an important Wyoming Republican value. Rather, Rep. Oakley decided to vote in favor of doubling licensing fees (HB 49 Agency Fee Revisions) and voted in favor of fee increases by the Secretary of State (HB 148 Secretary of State Fee Increases) in addition to other egregious votes.

Oakley’s campaign page for Fiscal Responsibility cites “tough days ahead, and tough decisions will have to be made” and “I will also do the necessary work for the State to operate within its means”. She must have meant this for other legislators. Just not Rep. Oakley.

Serving her first term in the House, let’s hope that Rep. Ember Oakley now realizes her failure of upholding true Wyoming Republican values and starts voting like a Republican. She can be reached at (307) 349-0222 or ember.oakley@wyoleg.gov.