RINO of the Month June 2022

Senator Ogden Driskill

Not only is the June WyoRINO of the Month recipient, Senator Ogden Driskill, the Majority Floor Leader, he is also one of the Majority Big Government RINOs of the Wyoming legislature. Tasked with representing Senate District 01 (Crook county) since 2011, Sen. Driskill has had ample time to figure out the ins and outs of passing legislation which grows the size and scope of government.

As noted on the 2022 WyoRINO scorecard, Driskill voted to increase fees (SF 15) on oversized and overweight vehicles (ex. freight haulers).  Only a dummy can’t figure out who these fees are passed on to – yes, that would be you and me as these increases are figured into the transportation cost of goods that we purchase in our daily lives.  With skyrocketing inflation, this is the last thing we need.  Why couldn’t Sen. Driskill vote for what ordinary folks do when faced with declining dollars in the bank account – cut back spending?

Another bill, HB 52, certainly weakened the integrity of our elections by allowing county clerks to process absentee ballots on the Thursday or Friday immediately preceding election day.  With the extremely concerning election fraud that has been proven to have taken place in 2020, we cannot understand by Sen. Driskill would vote in favor of this egregious bill.

Maybe he should hear from you:  ogden.driskill@wyoleg.gov or (307) 680-5555.