RINO of the Month March 2023

Rep. Barry Crago

As the 67th Legislative Session nears an end, it was difficult for WyoRINO to select the WyoRINO of the month for March. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been set aflame by the Wyoming House of Representatives, and the Wyoming Senate has been churning out mini-Medicaid expansion bills as though it’s their job.

In order to choose March’s RINO of the month, WyoRINO has looked to the legislator who has done everything in his power to stomp on the Wyoming GOP’s #1 platform plank.

Representative Barry Crago (HD40, Johnson & Sheridan) has spent weeks attempting to destroy the Life is a Human Right Act, HB0152. His reason? Republicans in Wyoming were surprised to learn that, apparently, it’s unconstitutional to pass legislation defending life when the Wyoming Supreme Court may or may not (but most certainly will) strike down Wyoming’s abortion trigger ban. Aside from his faulty legal logic, Crago’s undying efforts to allow the murder of children in Wyoming to continue is appalling.

Representative Crago needs to reconsider his self-professed “pro-life” stance, review the Wyoming Republican Platform, and work on controlling his facial expressions. Anyone watching the Wyoming Legislature can feel his anger toward true pro-life legislators from 100 miles away as he rolls his eyes, exasperatedly punches his microphone, and huffs at anyone who dares to disagree with him.

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