RINO of the Month May 2023

Senator Ogden Driskill

The winner of May’s RINO of the Month award is none other than Senate President Ogden Driskill (SD 1, Campbell, Crook, Weston). Senator Driskill talks tough, playing a good Republican from a distance. A closer look reveals that he has one of the worst voting records in the Wyoming Senate.

Not only does Senator Driskill vote to expand government at every turn, he conveniently (and constantly) misses votes on matters important to the Wyoming Republican Party Platform. How will his constituents know how he feels about the protection of the unborn, the WRP’s top platform plank? Senator Driskill failed to appear for votes on the legislature’s two strongest pro-life bills during the most recent legislative session.

On top of his abysmal voting record, Senator Driskill bullies his way past the rules of the Wyoming Senate. Be sure to read up on how he has attempted to unilaterally remove the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee without a vote of the body, only to replace him with known RINO Senator Nethercott- someone who will undoubtedly enjoy spending more of your hard-earned money.

Senator Ogden Driskill can be contacted at Ogden.Driskill@wyoleg.gov or give him a jingle at (307) 680-5555.

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