RINO of the Month May 2024

Rep. Ken Clouston

Which Wyoming Representative voted AGAINST requiring parental consent for vaccination of minor children during “public health emergencies,” AGAINST requiring legislative approval for state declarations of those “public health emergencies,” and AGAINST rejecting CDC and WHO jurisdiction in Wyoming?

The same Representative who also voted late last month IN FAVOR of establishing a Big Brother “State Healthcare Authority,” of course!

The answer to these questions also happens to be May’s RINO of the Month: Representative Ken Clouston (HD 32, Campbell).

Representative Clouston apparently believes that unelected bureaucrats should run your life and make your (and your child’s) health decisions. This is inexcusable, especially after the so-called “public health experts” have destroyed our country (and their own credibility) over the past four years.

You can contact Representative Clouston and ask him why he thinks government should make your health decisions by calling or emailing him. (307) 682-4900, Ken.Clouston@wyoleg.gov

Term ends 2025

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