RINO of the Month August 2021

Rep. Shelly Duncan

Wyoming State Representative Shelly Duncan (R-Goshen) has certainly been a tremendous disappointment for Republicans living in Goshen county. When current State Senator Cheri Steinmetz (R-Goshen) had filled this House position for years, Rep. Steinmetz had set a standard of adhering to the state party’s platform and resolutions. But not Rep. Duncan.

As a matter of fact, Rep. Duncan’s votes not only minimize Goshen county Republicans, but she blatantly disregards the party’s stances of low taxes and fees with her harmful votes on House Bill 148 Fees paid to Secretary of State, HB 162 Medicaid expansion, HB 179 Optional Municipal Tax Election and SF 4 Airport Districts.

Is Rep. Duncan’s slide from the 2020 WyoRINO 40% score down to her 2021 score of 30% a sign of things to come for 2022? Will Goshen county Republicans allow her failure to uphold the state’s timeless positions of low taxation and limited government to continue? Time will tell.

In the meantime, Rep. Shelly Duncan can be reached at (307) 575-2894 or shelly.duncan@wyoleg.gov.