RINO of the Month July 2024

Rep Lloyd Larsen

July’s award goes to none other than Wyoming’s biggest advocate for Marxist cradle-to-grave government programming. A “Republican” who votes against nearly every pro-life bill in the Wyoming Legislature and for more spending than the Democrats, Representative Loyd Larsen (HD 54, Fremont) is our July RINO of the Month.

Representative Larsen actively leads multiple legislative committees and working groups aimed at cementing universal government preschool in Wyoming.

He voted against prohibiting mask and vaccine mandates.

He voted for Democrat-style student loan forgiveness for Wyoming teachers.

Most shockingly, he voted against banning gender affirming surgeries on children under 18.

It’s clear that Representative Larsen has strong feelings about the proper role of government– we only wish he would be honest with the people of Fremont County and update his party affiliation to match.

If you want to ask him what makes him a Republican, you can contact him here:

Cell – (307) 321-1221Lloyd.Larsen@wyoleg.gov

Term ends: 2024

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Editor’s Note: Rep Lloyd Larsen was also December 2020 RINO of the Month