RINO of the Month August 2022

Sen. Wendy Schuler

Wyoming’s primary election is quickly approaching and with that comes a plethora of incumbents pointing to their “conservative” track record.

We know better.

Wyoming State Senator Wendy Schuler (SD 15 – Uinta County) has legislated on a consistent basis of big government and big spending ever since she took the reins. But some of her gravest insults to Wyoming voters are her votes against bills that would have promoted fair and honest elections.

Sen. Schuler not only voted to weaken Wyoming’s election processes with her votes on HB 49 (Election Reporting Requirements) and HB 52 (Timeline to Prepare Absentee Ballots) but she voted against SF 97 (Change in Party Affiliation) which allows Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

All of these legislative efforts were of high priority to the state Republican party and to true conservative grass roots Republicans across Wyoming, including those in District 15.

We are exposing Senator Wendy Schuler for her failure to support election integrity. You should too. Her phone number is (307) 679-6774 and her email wendy.schuler@wyoleg.gov