RINO of the Month Dec 2019

WyoRINO congratulates its first recipient of the RINO of the Month Award

to Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, (HD 43 – Laramie)! His sponsorship of HB 244, Medicaid Expansion, will not only provide free health care to able-bodied, working age, childless adults but will break the pocketbooks of Wyoming taxpayers! If that wasn’t bad enough, he voted in favor of more tax, anti-gun, and anti-coal bills*! Be sure to give RINO Rep. Dan Zwonitzer a pat on the back and a jingle at (307) 214-7826 or dan.zwonitzer@wyoleg.gov to put a halt to socialized medicine and higher taxes!

* HB 218, HB 66, HB 183, HB 251