RINO of the Month January 2023

Sen. Fred Baldwin

WyoRINO is honored to award Senator Fred Baldwin (SD 14 – Sweetwater, Uinta) with the first RINO of the month award of 2023. Baldwin has an impressively abysmal track record, upholding Wyoming Republican values just 10% of the time. A physician’s assistant, Baldwin appears committed to lining the pockets of his industry with federal dollars.

There is already a growing list of bills filed for the 67th Legislature aimed at expanding Medicaid in Wyoming. Two are sponsored by Baldwin. SF0009 adds “professional services of a licensed pharmacist” to the list of services and supplies authorized for Medicaid funny money assistance. Also sponsored by Baldwin, SF0037 expands Medicaid coverage for services provided by a licensed podiatrist.

SF0037 contains a total appropriation of $113K for FY 2024 (we can only imagine the growing amount necessary for future years) shining some much needed light on the lie that Medicaid expansion is simply a funnel for federal dollars to reach the State of Wyoming. Once the federal well dries up or once Medicaid is “expanded” too much, Wyoming taxpayers will be perpetually on the hook for the elevated cost of health care. Fred Baldwin appears intent on destroying free markets and effective health care in our state.

Sen. Baldwin should show his true colors and run as a Democrat. Medicaid expansion is a top priority of the Wyoming Democratic Party, and apparently a top priority of his, too. He can be reached at (307) 877-3687 or fred.Baldwin@wyoleg.gov.

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