RINO of the Month June 2024

Rep Bob Nicholas

We are excited to announce June’s RINO of the Month Award.

This month’s award goes to one of the biggest spenders in the Wyoming Legislature- a “Republican” who spent more than far left-wing Democrat Representatives Trey Sherwood and Liz Storer, who now claims a dire need for real property tax relief (it’s an even-numbered year, after all), and who famously declared during the so-called “pandemic” that we are “at war with the unvaccinated.”

Congratulations, Representative Bob Nicholas (HD7, Laramie)!

Representative Nicholas has worked hard for this award, voting against a bill to ban red flag gun seizures in Wyoming, a bill to repeal gun-free zones, a bill protecting life from the moment of conception, and for dozens of bills to raise fees and taxes.

In many ways, Representative Nicholas is a model RINO, voting with the Democrats on every issue important to the Wyoming Republican Party Platform while angrily insisting his self-identification as a Republican.

You can contact him here.
(307) 851-7774

Term ends: 2025

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Editor’s Note: Rep Bob Nicholas was also February 2021 RINO of the Month