RINO of the Month November 2020

Rep Joe MacGuire

The recipient of the November RINO of the Month award goes to – drumroll please – Representative Joe MacGuire (Natrona HD 35) for his steadfast commitment to higher taxes for Wyoming taxpayers. His adherence to Republican party ideals was ranked at a measly 30% during the 2020 legislative session.

Rep. MacGuire was the proud primary sponsor of House Bill 240 Tolling Authority for I-80, a bill that would have created a tolling program for Interstate 80 and was designed to increase government revenue rather than downsize government through reform.

Here is the link to that bill: https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2020/HB0240

Not only has Rep. MacGuire voted to increase taxes, in 2019 he voted to eliminate a Constitutional Debt Limit, HJ 2 which places taxpayers at greater financial risk. This bill is on the General Election ballot this November as “Constitutional Amendment A”.

If you believe in higher taxes for Wyoming, you can call Rep. Joe MacGuire at 307-333-3653 or email him at joe.macguire@wyoleg.gov to thank him for working so hard to accomplish that.

If you are opposed to new or higher taxes for Wyoming, you may call or email Rep. Joe MacGuire at 307-333-3653 or joe.macguire@wyoleg.gov and tell him to STOP legislating like a democrat.