RINO of the Month October 2022

Rep. Bill Henderson

Laramie county seems to be overwhelmingly represented by RINOs.  Is it just that their voters are not paying attention or that they don’t care?

We would suspect it is a matter of uninformed voters but we are thankful to have this platform to educate all Wyoming voters of those legislators who are fake Republicans.

Take for example Rep. Bill Henderson (HD 41 – Laramie).  He received a 30% WyoRINO score for 2022 but deserves an even worse score with his vote on HB 92 Abortion Prohibition – Supreme Court Decision.  Often referred to as the Trigger bill, this piece of legislation would take effect should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade.

As cited in Henderson’s bio in the 2021-2022 Sixty-Sixth Legislature Directory, he provides information that he is of the Catholic faith.  As most of us know, the Catholic faith upholds that life begins at conception.  In addition, the Wyoming Republican Party platform upholds this view as well.  Rep. Henderson voted against HB 92.

We could cite many other bills where Henderson has voted against Republican ideals but this singular vote should be held up for all to see.

WyoRINO encourages you to contact Rep. Bill Henderson at (307) 201-9898 or bill.henderson@wyoleg.com.