RINO of the Month September 2023

Rep. Ryan Berger

September’s RINO of the Month Award goes to one of the newest Wyoming legislators to join the herd of RINOs in Cheyenne: Representative Ryan Berger (HD 49, Uinta). Since being sworn in as a State Representative in January, Representative Berger has been pining for this prestigious award.

Representative Berger opened up the interim season by advocating for free college tuition at the University of Wyoming for undocumented immigrants as a solution to UW’s low attendance and retention numbers.

In August, Representative Berger helped to kill legislation aimed at protecting parental rights in education and prohibiting the teaching of radical gender ideology to children eight years old and under. According to Representative Berger, correcting a young student when they call their male teacher “Mrs.” is the same thing as teaching that young student that biology is a social construct and that boys can become girls. Therefore, he just couldn’t support the bill.

Is Representative Berger THAT confused about what radical gender ideology is? Or is he simply obfuscating in an attempt to hide his true RINO colors from the people of Uinta County?

You can ask him at (307) 679-3539 or Ryan.Berger@wyoleg.gov. (Term ends 2025)

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