RINO of the Month March 2024

Rep. Bill Henderson

It’s Legislative Season!

In layman’s terms, what this means is all of Wyoming’s loudest and proudest RINOs have gathered in Cheyenne to compete for this month’s RINO of the Month Award. As usual, the competition is hot, hot, hot!

Will this month’s award go to Senator Cale Case (SD 25, Fremont)1, who advocated for the surgical mutilation of children from the Senate Floor? Or will Representative Ryan Berger (HD 49, Uinta)2 receive the honor for voting to allow the State to vaccinate your child without your knowledge?

Ultimately, the March RINO of the Month Award goes to Representative Bill Henderson (HD 41, Laramie). Not only did Henderson attempt to provide a communist student loan repayment for all Wyoming teachers– he also voted against repealing gun free zones in Wyoming and against bolstering parental rights in education. Joining his Democrat colleagues, he voted against the single pro-life bill introduced to the Wyoming House, and took part in adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the state budget, including for state funding for gender affirming care and abortions.

If there’s one speck of evidence as to his affiliation as a Republican, we can’t seem to find it. You can ask him what makes him a Republican. Bill.Henderson@wyoleg.gov (307) 201-9898

Bill Henderson Term ends 2025, Years in position: 7

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1. Senator Cale Case Term ends 2027, Years in position 25

Sen. Cale Case

(307) 332-7623 or cale.case@wyoleg.gov

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2. Representative Ryan Berger Term ends 2025, Years in position: 1

Rep. Ryan Berger


(307) 679-3539 or Ryan.Berger@wyoleg.gov

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